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Dahua Technology Description

Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology is a leading product and solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. We had the 2nd highest market share of global video surveillance equipment market in 2015 according to IHS 2016 report. We were ranked 4th in 2016 by a&s Security 50, which ranks global security industry players according to total security equipment sales.

We commit to provide the highest quality product with the latest technology to enable our customers to perform their business successfully.

We have a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different security levels and project scale. Our product lines range from Lite to Pro to Ultra series, to serve the needs of residential/small commercial to enterprise to high security facility respectively.We are one of the leading providers of OEM and ODM service to various security product companies in the world.

Product Lists

  • Analog Camera
  • IP Camera
  • HD CVI camera
  • DVR Camera
  • NVR / Wireless NVR